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Air Plant Combo Packs | Tillandsia

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Botanical Name: Tillandsia

Air plants AKA Tillandsia are easy to grow and they don’t require soil. As the name implies, air plants absorb nutrients and water from the humidity in the air through small hairs on their leaves. They're hardy and easy to care for and a beautiful and elegant addition to any collection! 

Due to the variation between air plants, we're selling these in Grower's Choice style packs.

Small Pack: $20

Minimum 2x small sized airplanes.

Medium Pack: $30

Min. 2x small Tillandsia & min. 1x Medium Tillandsia.

Large Pack: $45

Min. 1x Large Tillandsia, 1x Medium Tillandsia, & min. 2x small Tillandsia.

XL Pack: $50

Min. 1x XL Tillandsia, 1x Medium Tillandsia, & min. 2x additional Tillandsia of varying sizes. 

The pictures shown in the listing will vary from what you receive due to natural variation.



Keep out of direct sunlight.


Soak in water for a half hour once a week.

Pet Friendly: