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Calathea 2-Pack

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Calathea is a genus of tropical, evergreen plants known for their decorative foliage and vibrant patterns. These plants are popular choices for indoor gardening due to their striking appearance and relatively low maintenance requirements.

2-Pack Details: (You will receive the following)

One Calathea setosa: ​​commonly known as the "Calathea Jungle Cat" or "Compact Star Calathea," is a distinctive and visually appealing plant. It features intricate patterns on its leaves, including dark green stripes and spots.

One Calathea medallion: the leaves of Calathea medallion feature a central medallion-like pattern, often in shades of green or silver, surrounded by a darker outer margin.The foliage is characterized by a mix of dark and light green hues, creating an eye-catching and decorative display.

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