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Golden Jewel Orchid | Available in 3x/5x discounted packs!

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Golden Jewel Orchid | Anoectochilus Chapaensis

This beautiful terrestrial orchid has incredible dark foliage with vibrant veins.  If you shine a light on the leaves, they sparkle intensely! They produce small yellow flowers once a year.



Medium indirect light.  No direct sunlight.


Prefers to stay moderately moist all the time. 


Prefers warm home temperatures around 70-75 degrees F.


These are grown in grow tents and are accustomed to higher humidity than the average household.  They can be acclimated to most household conditions over time but will enjoy a bit of extra humidity during the first couple weeks as they acclimate.  70%-80% is ideal.

Pet Friendly:

Non-toxic to pets.