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The Standard Design Group

Monstera Thai Constellation XL G-14 - rare high variegation

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My best specimen. NEW LEAF FORMING (It's 7th leaf popping out of sheath already)!! One of my fastest growing / oldest specimen. SEVEN leaf mother specimen non-TC I’ve had growing in the greenhouse for over 1.5 years! Fully acclimated and rooted in an 8” pot, ready for an upgrade to 12” pot roots crawling out the bottom!🥰💚🌿

Loved watching that new one unfurl to the perfect leaf it is now😍 It’s so fun watching these guys grow.🥰 Mature, Highly variegated Thai Constellation, fully rooted with mature fenestration.

Professionally shipped with insured safe arrival🥰 with options to upgrade arrival speed at checkout💚✈️

Get ready to welcome your new favorite plant to your home!! It will steal all the attention😌🌿🌸

Msg me if you have any questions, licensed California nursery, TSDG USA🥰🥳🤩🌿💚
INSTA: @thestandarddesigngroup