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Philodendron White Princess | Customizable Available

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White Princess Philodendron

This is a GROWERS CHOICE listing for the beautiful Philodendron White Princess.  You will get a specimen comparable in size and variegation to the one pictured but please be aware the plants do vary. 



Medium to bright indirect light.  No direct sunlight.


Approximately once a week! Water when dry to about 2" down if using a well-draining aroid mix.  If using sphagnum moss, mist/spritz when the top of the pot's moss becomes dry & crispy and let wick throughout the rest of the pot.  


Can survive down to around 55 degrees F, but will grow best and fastest when in 70-80 degrees F conditions.


These are grown in grow tents and are accustomed to higher humidity than the average household.  They can be acclimated to most household conditions over time but will enjoy a bit of extra humidity during the first couple weeks as they acclimate.  70%-80% is ideal.

Pet Friendly:

Mild toxicity-level for pets, if consumed might cause upset stomach.  Keep away from all pets that have an affinity for chewing/eating plant material.