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The Standard Design Group

Philodendron White Princess Highly Variegated Mother Specimen Single Node Leaf Cutting

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Botanical Name: Philodendron Erubescens "White Princess"

FIRST BATCH EVER MARCH 2022 White Princess Cuttings! This is a single node Leaf cutting, from our highly variegated selection of White Princess mother specimens.

The Mother Plant photos are in the listing. The cuttings provided in the listing are for example. Not all leaf cuttings display variegation in leaves, but these specimen are guaranteed to grow new variegated leaves since they come from highly variegated Mother specimen.

Please visit our Instagram @thestandarddesigngroup or YouTube channel for information about how to care for your cutting. Or contact us directly with any questions!

Lots of love goes into our rare plants collection :) and we personally guarantee your cuttings will arrive alive and healthy.




Medium to bright indirect light.


Pet Friendly:

Mild toxicity-level for pets, if consumed might cause upset stomach.