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Pygmy Palm

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Standing at an impressive 3.5 feet tall and growing in a 3-gallon grower pot, this tropical pygmy palm is a perfect way to infuse a tropical ambiance into your garden, patio, or outdoor living area.

This palm thrives in a variety of outdoor conditions, showcasing its adaptability and resilience. It's particularly well-suited for those looking to create a tropical landscape with minimal effort. The 3-gallon grower pot ensures a healthy root system, allowing for robust growth and easy maintenance.

With its lush, feather-like fronds and an elegantly slender trunk, this Pygmy Palm adds a touch of exotic charm to any outdoor setting. Its moderate height makes it an ideal choice for creating a focal point in small garden spaces or adding greenery to balconies and terraces. It promises to bring a serene and lush vibe to your surroundings, making every day feel like a vacation.