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XL Philodendron Pink Princess

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Botanical Name: Philodendron Erubescens 'Pink Princess"

The Pink Princess is one of the most highly sought after specimen in the houseplant community, tied with the Monstera Albo. Unlike any other plant, this philodendron has pink variegation that is stable and naturally occurring! These are climbers and grow best along a wall or climbing a pole.

Grower's choice, we hand-pick each specimen for you with the highest variegation. Your XL pink princess is guaranteed to have at least one half-moon var pink leaf with a total of 3-5 mature leaves. 

It takes over 2 years for them to get this size. Watching each leaf unfurl is always an exciting time. Although this is a rare specimen, it has relatively easy care instructions:



Medium to bright indirect light.


Watering two to three times a month. Allow topsoil to dry in between waterings. 

Pet Friendly:

Mild toxicity-level for pets, if consumed might cause upset stomach.